Hi, my name is Ege Tekin
I'm a Computer Scientist.

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I am a student, web developer, and gameplay programmer, someone who consistently pursues his goals.

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Balloon Game

It is a game where you try to survive and reach up. In the game, you will encounter various obstacles trying to kill you while also encountering things that give you an advantage. For example, you have four abilities, which are respectively cloud breaking, passing through the cloud, acceleration, and cloud destruction by firing.

dishes helper

I made a simple and fun website that you can use when your girlfriend is hungry and can't decide what to eat. You can access the site by clicking on the hyperlink I provided.

Cannon Mechanics

During my time in high school, I wanted to turn my passion for playing games into reality, so I decided to create a simple game using the Unity game engine. This led to the development of a small game with a basic cannon which can throw balls.

Country Quiz

A simple and fun website that you can use to practise your knowledge in country flags.


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